Nubia Teixeira

I welcome you to experience the sacredness of your incarnation via embodied practice and to find in the bountifulness of your physical body, the  gateways to the realm of the extraordinary.

Master Yoga Teacher Nubia Teixeira

Earth Element Nourishment

  • Lay down on the ground with your belly on the earth and place your elbows underneath your shoulders, forearms down, supporting your spine to rise to a backbend called Salambha Bhujangasana (supported cobra). Hold this asana for five cycles of breath, and then rest with your forehead on the earth for a moment. 
  • Flip over, hug your knees into your chest in a pose called Apanasana, and move your torso from side to side, massaging your back on the ground.  

After a short moment of honoring your physical body, continue reading below. 

Salutations to this physical body of yours that is a gift from the Universal Mother to you. Salutations to the Earth element within and without. 

In this physical body we find the bindu, or the focal point, to return to over and over again. After a long night of sleep, your body is the place where your spirit returns to, and after a long day of so many different inner and outer experiences, it is through your body that you perceive everything that you live. It is only through  this body where you discharge and/or transform what you’ve experienced. With this honoring of the physical body and the willingness of the mind to help with your senses, you will experience transformation and manifestation.   

Your body is your lifetime companion and as it holds the marks of your experiences, it also grants you a fertile ground from which to grow upon personally and spiritually. 

When I say the body, I often start with the physical layer (annamaya kosha), and then I move my awareness to the next four: energy body (pranamaya kosha), mental body (manomaya kosha), causal body (vijnanamaya kosha) and finally the blissful body (anandamaya kosha). 

The Yoginis of the ancient times knew that the gateway to the sacred is through the body and that in order to access the spiritual realms that are beyond the body, one needs to be embodied (incarnate) with one’s senses fully awakened. 

Many resourceful techniques were channeled by the maha-yoginis in order to activate our human potential. The revelation of the universal realities can only be experienced through a clean and strong recipient. So, Hatha Yoga was created for seekers like ourselves as a practice to purify, balance and strengthen our physical and energetic bodies, in preparation for the awakening of the transcendental self. 

I invite you to honor your physical body everyday and at any given moment, be able to take flight into the realms of the subtle and the universal, under the shelter of the Divine Mother and her assistants, the great yoginis.

The Earth in the Heart Pranayama

Sit upright and breathe in deeply through your nostrils, inhaling from the lower abdomen all the way up to the top of the lungs. Allow yourself to feel what arises with the in-breath, and as you feel awakened by your inner life, ground in the heart center and hold your breath in

Exhale through your mouth with the mantra HUM, the primordial sound of the Universal Mother and a mantra for opening the heart center. As you do so feel the earth in the heart softening and opening to new seeds to be planted. Add a pause of retention without air if you feel comfortable with it, or just simply observe the natural flow of the breath between cycles

“If you think you understood yoga—think again. In this elegant volume of thoughts and images, Odissi dance master Nubia Teixeira reveals the power of mudras to awaken and unite our many disparate selves. An overlooked component of complete yoga practice is finally receiving its due. A must-read for serious yogis.”

~ Joshua Greene, author of Gita Wisdom