This is my last week teaching my weekly classes as I get ready to travel to Costa Rica with my family.

Jai, Ezra and I will be leading our annual New Year’s Retreat in Costa Rica at the astonishing Blue Spirit.

Dates are from Dec 27th to Jan 3rd. This retreat is sold out and an amazing group of bhaktas will be there sharing their love for Nature and the Divine.

Lots of Kirtan with Jai, Yoga and Dance with me, Play in the waters with Ezra and Sankalpa, setting intentions for the New Year  with our community .

For the transition of 2014/15 we will have a bonfire and participate on a fire offering, we will sing kirtan and dance our way into the New Year.


For the first day of the year we will  make prayer flags, we will dance towards the ocean to make offerings to Yemanja, we participate with our prayers on a medicine bundle making , we will celebrate and remember.

And offer our prayer to all sentient beings, everywhere.


From Jan 3rd to Jan 10th Jai and I are teaching as part of the Omega Faculty at Blue Spirit 



There is an amazing line-up of teachers for that week.  I will be teaching daily.

Bhakti Nova Yoga – A Healing Practice for Daily Life

Nubia Teixeira


Explore accessible yogic techniques and bring healing into your life through mindful movement, breathwork, and prayer. Pranayama (breathwork) and bhakti yoga (spiritual devotion) are two profound ways to connect with the divine source. While our breath connects our “inner and outer” environments, bhakti yoga creates an inseparable link with spirit throughout our daily life. Breathing, singing, praying, and moving our bodies through asana, we learn to cultivate a nurturing practice to help navigate our everyday life.




I look forward to this time of PLAYING, NURTURING, NAPING  and BATHING in the sunshine (Gayatri) and ocean (Yemanja).


~ Beginning of New Year of 2015


I am making a few extra changes in my weekly schedule in the East Bay  ~ Namaste Yoga.

My Marin classes at Yoga Works and Yoga Tree are the same

I will be back teaching on Jan 12th, and I am looking forward to seeing you more in the New Year!






New Schedule for 2015


Schedule Fall_2014




WORKSHOP TITLE:  Bhakti Nova: A Day-Long Intensive with Nubia Teixeira

DATE: Sunday, January 25th

TIME: 12:00-6:00pm

PRICING: $128, $108 namaste members


STUDIO LOCATION: Namaste Berkeley


Bhakti Nova Yoga Immersion BhaktiNova Yoga embraces Nubia’s 25 years of devotion to Yoga in its many aspect. She joyfully synthesized the practices of Bhakti Yoga with the evocative movement (poses) of the deities, the artful expression of hand gestures ( mudra) ,  the art of story telling (abhinaya)  and the harmonizing sound vibrations of chanting.This powerful approach integrates the fluid and the beauty of classical indian dance of Odissi with Hatha Yoga Asana . In this Day-Long Nubia will introduce you to new yoga poses based on the archetypical poses of  the 7 main deities s of the hindu tradition.This inspirational workshop is intended for students and teachers that want to dive into the subtle, sensuous, healing, creative and freeing practice of Sacred Yoga.We’ll get an understanding of  the Hindu deities, and access these archetypes as doorways into transformative practices that will create an inseparable link with Spirit in our daily lives.Key Areas of Exploration:

  • 7  creative asanas sequenced into  a small  flow.
  • 7 Hindu Deities, their archetypal meaning and mantras.
  • 7 Mudras (precise hand gestures)
  • 7 Pranayama, breathing practices for health & balance

Bhakti Yoga is the practice of cultivating an inspired intimate relationship between our soul and the the Divine. Breathing, singing and moving freely in our bodies are some of the ways we find and express this connection. Being strong and flexible– physically, mentally and emotionally improves our health so we can be of service and fulfill our highest purpose in the world.




Welcome hOMe.

In the Landscape of your Body, walk slowly.

Feel each step and the depth bellow it

Smell the Earth

Sit, lay and roll on it……

In the Landscape of your Body, rest deeply.

Let the mind’s eyes enter each pore, into the darkness,

where richness is…

See it… is the womb of all things…..

Inside of your Body, travel freely.

Let your senses guide you reveling the mystery

Open to feelings, memories and impressions

Taste surrender…and rejoin, remember….

Inside of your Body, listen closely.

Follow the beat, the pulse of your heart, the sound of the beginning

Revealing the breath within, and the sound of the Universe.

Sing it from inside out…become One.