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Yoga and The Art of Mudras, Workshop and Book Launch at Namaste Yoga – Grand Lake

Nubia will introduce you to her vision of how to embellish and empower your yogasana with mudras that are symbolically representatives of the Gods and Goddess of Yoga and poetically expressive of the beauty of Nature.

Her aim is to give you a resource to grace your yoga practice with the transporting keys of the hand-gestures.

In this workshop Nubia will share her love and passion for the practice of mudras, some of the gems that she has collected for via dedicated practice, and her mastery and expertise on combining mudras with asana to expresses the inspired storytelling from Bhakti, the devotional tradition of yoga.

You will:
• Experience and embody the mudras in your life and your yoga practice
• Connect with ancient wisdom traditions
• Delve into symbology and sacred geometry
• Evoke the energy of the Gods and Goddesses