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Intensive-Non-Residential in Fairfax – California

 9 Days – 90 hours from February 15th to 23rd 2020

This training will take three months of full commitment for its completion and certification with Yoga Alliance to be granted.

It will  include home studies one month prior to intensive and one month after the intensive, with homework and mentoring sessions. 

This training offers an inspiring spread of carefully gathered teachings & practices of Yoga, springing from Nubia’s dedicated practice and emphasizing the  intention to commune with the feminine Sources of Yoga.

The principles taught will flow from a river of embodied wisdom philosophy,  will expand into the expressive devotional arts of Bhakti Yoga , and will ground into the landscape of the structural  asanas and inner healing techniques of Hatha Yoga.

It will be a deep dive into the feminine forces of the Devi’s, the Shaktis and of the Yogini’s legacy.

Here is a  “glimpse” into the offering:

▼We will study some of the puranic texts and learn philosophy according to the teachings of Bhakti and Tantric traditions.

▼We will practice the healing techniques of the  Hatha Yoga Methodology

▼We will be exposed to the path of Shaktism and learn how to perceive life by honoring the presence of Maha Maya and the value of the  fullness of creation.

▼We will learn embodied asana to strengthen, open and balance the physical body while emphasizing  the importance of spiritual and anatomical alignments.




(From January 15th to February 15th)

20 hours of prior home studies to be accomplished from January 15th to February 15th on your home.

This section will include videos with Philosophical Foundations of Yoga, Foundational Asana Labs and Foundational Anatomy. The videos will be recorded by Nubia  and sent to you once a week during the month of prior to the training.




 9 Days – 90 hours from February 15th to 23rd 2020 from 12noon to 8pm 

Held at Roco Dance Fairfax.

Plus one hour recorded morning practice to be done first thing in the morning for each day of the training.



  • 2 hours of mentoring one a one  to be offered after the training – via what’s up or in person. 
  • 20 hours of Nubia’s yoga sequences recorded audios to practice along with 
  • 5 hours of Yoga Teaching Practice to be recorded (audio) and sent to Nubia. 
  • 10 hours of Homework
  • 15 hours of DVDs and Books studies.



Final paper and Final videoed class to be sent by March 15th for completion of the training and receiving of  certification.



Early Bird Discount $2,350 if paid in full by Nov 15th.

Discounted Rate: $2,550 if paid in full by Dec 15th.

Between Dec 15th and Jan 15th $3,000

No registration will be taken after Jan 15th. 

PS: I will need a minimum of 13 yoginis to make it happen and I will collect the payments and if the training “doesn’t want to happen” I will know by December 15th and will return payments in full.