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An immersion on the path of Shaktism, the path of honoring the Divine Feminine as the power of creation, sustenance and destruction.

Followers of the Divine Mother are known as Shaktas. There are many different sects in India following different aspects of the Mother in Her thousands of forms and in Her thousands of names.
As the Source She is “AdiShakti” or primordial mother-source; as creation she is “ParaShakti” or pervading mother-presence; as a container that holds us all and everything She is “MahaShakti” or the great mother-force.

During this immersion we will explore Her many forms and hopefully be able to embody and summon Her power & grace via worship.

A closed group for women

One Wednesday a month at Pomegranate in San Anselmo 

February 13th – 7-9pm ~ Shakti, the power of the feminine.

March 13th – 7-9pm ~ Prana Shakti, the power of the life force.

April 17th – 7-9pm ~ Kundalini Shakti, the power within.

May 15th – 7-9pm ~ Maha Maya, the power within, without and all around.

August 14th – 7-9pm ~ Adishakti, the original power.

September 11th – 7-9pm ~ Iccha Shakti, Kriya Shakti, Jnana Shakti, The powers of: self-will, activity and knowledge. 

October 16th – 7-9pm ~ The 64 Yoginis: taking your seat in your own power.

To sign up email Nubia at: nubiayoga@gmail.com