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Deepen into the path of becoming an instrument of light, love and service! Join Nubia on the path of empowerment.

Day One: Reiki Level 1 Self Healing Reiki
• Learn about the path of Reiki and the lineage of healing of the Buddha
• Basic practices of purification with pranayama, empowering mantras and key mudras
• Reiki attunement followed by a Self Healing Reiki sequence

Day Two: Reiki Level 1 Seva Reiki
• Review the Self Reiki sequence
• Receive the Power Symbol (#1 Light switch)
• Learn two simple Seva Reiki Sequences (how to give Reiki to someone else)
• Buddha Shakyamuni and Green Tara mantras
• Give and Receive Reiki by practicing with the group

Day Three: Reiki Level 2 Self Healing and Seva Reiki
• Attunement for Reiki Level 2
• Learn two new symbols for Reiki (#2 Emotional Healing and #3 Distance Healing)
• Two new Self and Seva Reiki Sequences, plus the Medicine Buddha Mantra and the Heart Sutra Mantra

Friday-Sunday | 1-6pm
$350 full weekend
$125 each session Friday + Saturday | $160 Sunday*

YogaWorks Larkspur, 2019 Larkspur Landing Circle
(415) 925-2440