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This training will happen as an online experience

From October 15th to November 10th, 2020

Online Schedule TBA  – 200 RYS Yoga Alliance

To learn more, and to sign up email nubia: nubiayoga@gmail.com

The Yoga of the Heart is found in the field of the human body and it is expressed through our daily acts of devotion. As we learn how to awaken the latent love within, and as we allow this love to flow from us, authentically and altruistically, we hope to contribute with building a Legacy of Love in this world.”- Nubia 

Join Nubia Teixeira for her unique Yoga Training and deepen your yoga practice by acquiring more yogic knowledge and depth of experience. 

In this training, Nubia brings together the practices of Hatha and Bhakti Yoga in a perfectly balanced way, providing a Yoga method for the modern practitioner to understand and receive the most benefits of these two traditional paths. 

With Nubia as your guide, you will have the opportunity to experience and learn how to spiritually and anatomically align yourself to the sacred (subtle) and organic (material) structures of your body temple, while awakening your devotional heart to the gifts and the wisdom of yoga. 

Nubia will follow and fulfill the Yoga Alliance syllabus and requirements for a 200-RYS certification through the lense of a bhakta’s eyes (with a devotional twist). Nubia will share from her 30 years of experience teaching yoga and from her dedicated practice and open heart. 

At the end of this course, students will be able to skillfully teach yoga and feel empowered to share this gift and love with their future students, families and communities as a certified Yoga Teacher.

“I want my yoga students to feel that their yoga sadhana transformed their lives and opened their hearts to more Divine Love and to more Spiritual Light for themselves, sprinkling the path of their lives with many auspiciousness signs. And I hope that this special awakening will infuse their lives with a deeper purpose, to positively affect their human relations and to empower them to bring more devotional service to the world.”

To learn more, and to sign up email nubia: nubiayoga@gmail.com

This program offers an 80% discount/scholarships to BIPOC and a 50% discount to individuals in need.

This program also includes a “solidarity system”: if you can and want to help, you can donate towards the scholarship program so Nubia can offer more scholarships.

Cost: $2,200 per person