Mother of Mystery

(poem by Nubia)


In the dark of the night,  I hear you call.

  And I come, holding the candle, I am one with you.

  During your sleep, I am there, by your side.

  Watching  your dreams closely and weaving them into reality.

  In the light of the day, I hear you call.

  And I come, shapeshifted as many.

  During your awake hours, I am there with you in every moment, dancing to the songs you play.

  Holding the mirror, so your deeds will reflect your spirit, and I am the one waving them back to the great sea.

  Day and Night, when I hear you call.

  I come,  I am your MOTHER, do not forget that.

  I am here to support the mystery of becoming and returning.

  I am the light that shows your shadow.

  I am the darkness that illumines your soul.


My dearest Yoginis,

I am really excited to share with you the NEWS that I will be offering A YEAR LONG YOGA PROGRAM in 2016 in my hometown of FAIRFAX- CALIFORNIA.

This training is designed for you, WOMEN of my life, to support you with NURTURING YOURSELF and OTHERS.




My intention is to give you many TOOLS to HARMONIZE your live, to HEAL your body and to RECONNECT with the SACRED within and all around.

Drawing from the infinitly benevolent well of YOGIC PHILOSOPHICAL and TRADITIONAL TEACHINGS  into a PRACTICAL and RESOURCEFULL  body of SKILLS to live a live in peace and in ALIGNMENT with your TRUE NATURE.

More details here.

Are you in?